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Why Electric Assisted Bicycles?

Unlike many other electric assisted bicycles, the Westhill Terrain is pedal assist only. This means that the electric motor adds to the power generated by pedalling rather than replacing it. Having selected the level of power assist required from the handlebar mounted control panel, you start pedalling and the motor automatically starts to operate.

Healthy Motor

With pedal assist you are very unlikely to damage the motor because you are controlling the speed of the motor with the amount of pressure applied to the pedals. Most other electric assisted bicycles have a throttle and allow the electric motor to be controlled much like a moped, so you can move with electric motor alone. The down side to this type of electric assisted bicycle is the motor is constantly under extreme pressure and likely to burn out quickly, in the meantime the battery will get you nowhere near as far on one charge. With pedal assist you are adding to the power of the electric motor, allowing you to travel much further and also receive health benefits.


Healthy Body

Moderate exercise is fantastic for your health. You know it is moderate if you can easily hold a conversation, but you are still working up a bit of a sweat! Our electric bikes, because of their pedal assist motors, encourage more of this type of exercise. If you have been put off cycling before because of hills, distance, fitness levels, health reasons, or even the inconvenience of having to shower and change at work when commuting, then these bikes are ideal to encourage regular exercise as a part of daily life.

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