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3 Year Warranty


Westhill bikes are covered by a limited 3-year warranty. Aside from general cycle maintenance, any work to the motor should be carried out by Westhill technical team or authorised dealer.

1. Warranty periods

The statutory warranty valid at the time of delivery applies to:-

• Frame : 3 years

• Motor: 2 years

• Battery: 2 years

• Controller and Charger: 2 years

2. Warranty conditions

2.1 Requirements

• There is a defect in materials or workmanship or an error of information

• The cause of the change in the product is neither natural nor related to its functions, wear and tear or ageing

• The damage was not caused by use of the bike for other than the intended purpose

2.2 Warranty exclusions

• Damage caused by improper use or force majeure

• All parts subject to function-related wear and tear, unless this is the result of a defect in the manufacturing process or material

• Damage which results from improper or insufficient care and repairs, alterations or the replacement of parts by persons other than trained professionals

• Accidental damage or other external effects, provided these are not the result of defective products or information

• Repairs resulting from the use of second-hand parts or damage caused by this use

• Damage resulting from competitive use

• Special fittings, accessories or non-standard components, especially technical modifications

• Observing the required service intervals is also a condition of any warranty claims you may make

• If any parameter settings are changed in the display, this will void the warranty on the battery, motor, controller, and charger.

2.3 The following are considered wear parts under the statutory warranty:

• Tyres

• Rims in combination with rim brakes

• Spokes

• Brake pads

• Chains and toothed belts

• Chain wheels, sprockets, bottom brackets and jockey wheels

• Sliding bearings/bearings

• Lamps for lighting system

• Handlebar tape/handle grips

• Hydraulic oils and lubricants

• Gear-shift cables and brake cables

• Paint finishes

• Battery depletion over time

(1) Definitions

In this warranty the following terms shall have the following meanings: Westhill Bikes Shall mean FW3 Limited Westhill Product Shall mean the FW3 Ltd Product Warranty Period Shall mean a period commencing on the original date of purchase as new.

(2) Circumstances outside our control

FW3 Ltd shall not be liable for any failure in service as a result of FW3 Ltd, or FW3 Ltd agents employees or contractors being delayed, prevented or hindered in the performance of its obligations by reason of any circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to fire, flood, Act of God, and civil disorder.

(3) Disclaimers

FW3 Ltd shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages losses or expenses (including without limitation lost profits, loss of use or loss of data, goodwill, reputation or lost business) arising directly or indirectly, from the purchase use or sale of the Product, whether or not FW3 Ltd was advised or aware of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses. It is the customer’s responsibility to make lawful use of the products FW3 Ltd supplies.