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Tips for riding electric bikes on the road

POV-bike-control-panel It might seem daunting riding an electric bike in traffic for the first time but thousands of cyclists commute to and from work or cycle on roads for leisure and they manage to stay safe and well. How do they do this? They take a proactive approach to cycle safety and take sensible precautions when they are out on the road. Buy one of our bikes from Westhill and we want you to feel comfortable and stay safe on every journey. So here are a few tips, use them with our pleasure and road riding will soon become second nature.

  1. Get noticed One of the major causes of incidents involving cyclists is when motorists fail to see the rider. Don’t let this happen to you. Adopt a positive riding position out on the road and wear reflective, fluorescent clothing that helps you to stand out. Use lights at night or during poor light levels.
  2. Adhere to the road regulations Just because you are on a cycle this doesn’t make you exempt from the rules of the road. Never run a red light, or ‘sneak’ through when you think the coast is clear, this is a punishable offence. Don’t be tempted to ride on the pavement either to avoid traffic. Stick to the road unless you spot a designated cycle path.
  3. Pay attention Look for hazards that could cause accidents or incidents. Take care overtaking parked cars, driver’s doors can fly open suddenly catching you unawares. Be cautious of traffic turning left at traffic lights, they might not see you, especially if they are large vehicles like trucks and buses.
  4. Keep out of gutters Leave a gap from the pavement so you miss drains and other obstacles that could ‘snag’ your wheels. Look for obvious ruts in the road or faded ‘sleeping policemen’ that might just catch you out.
  5. Stick to single file Be considerate to other road users. Signal clearly with your arms when you are planning to overtake a parked car or change direction, always check behind before moving out and never ride double-breast with another cyclist, it’s inconsiderate to block to the road and it can be dangerous as well.

Just try these tips when you ride your electric bike, they should steer you clear of harm!