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Routine checks to make on your bike

Maintenance Bikes are brilliant modes of transport, especially when they’re e-bikes from Westhill cycle store. We know you’ll get many hours of pleasure from your cycle if you follow a few routine checks before you take your bike for a ride. In our next blog we are exploring things to do before you ride, perform these checks and you’ll soon be on your way.

  • Wheels – Make sure the front and rear wheels spin freely, there are no ‘wobbles’ from the rim and the wheel doesn’t catch on the brake. Take a look at the condition of the tyres, are they in good condition and free from cuts, bumps and bulges, are they properly inflated as well?
  • Steering – Are the handlebars secure? Stand in front of the bike and lock the front wheel between your legs. Now try to turn the handlebars. If the bars move but the wheel stays where it is tighten the steering up to make it safe.
  • Brakes – Apply the front brake then try to roll the bike. Does the brake prevent the wheel from turning? Do the same with the back brake. Check for signs of wear on the cables, loose nuts and worn brake pads. If the brakes fail to prevent the wheels from turning, they either need adjusting or parts need replacing.
  • Saddle – Is the saddle secure and at the right height? Sit on the bike, the saddle shouldn’t move and you should feel comfortable on the bike.
  • Chain – Have a look at the chain as well. It should have a tiny amount of flex in it without being too lose, give it an oil regularly to prevent rust from appearing.
  • Lights – Last but not least, check the front and rear lights if you are going to be riding in low light levels. Keep the lights free from dirt, replace batteries regularly and always have a spare set with you just in case they stop working when you are riding the bike.

Happy cycling!