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NU-CLEAR Bike Wash 5L



✓ Fast Acting & Hassle Free – Spray On & Wash Away!
✓ Safe on all bike parts & surfaces.
✓ Suitable for bikes, e-bikes & motorbikes.
✓ Superior Quality & Cost-Effective.

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NU-CLEAR Explosive Action Bike Wash removes dirt, road film, mud, sand & oily grime to leave your bike sparkling clean with ease.

Using a state of the art formula, Nu Clear Bike Wash will cut through grease and grime quick and easy but will not dull your bike’s finish, unlike some other highly-alkaline products on the market.

This incredible bike wash has insane cleaning power due to the unique Nu Clear-Tech formulation which breaks down dirt and grease on a molecular level. Nu Clear Bike Wash is just as effective at cleaning as the leading brand but is much, much kinder to your shiny bits.

Nu Clear Bike Wash will NOT dull paintwork (including matt paint), anodised metal, metal coatings, chrome, rubber, brake rotors, carbon fibre, plastics or any other lovely shiny bike surfaces.

Suitable for ALL bikes, Nu Clear Bike Wash is the most effective and gentle bike wash available. Safe to use on all bike surfaces, even your brake pads.


Directions for use:
1. Rinse bike thoroughly before cleaning.
2. Apply Nuclear Bike Wash (neat or diluted) directly and evenly to desired area including components and leave for 3-5 minutes.
3. Use a brush or a sponge to tackle stubborn areas of dirt.
Finish: Rinse off with clean water.

5L, 10L, 15L, 20L