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Methods to get noticed on electric bikes


We covered the subject of safe riding techniques in a previous blog from Westhill, one of the suggestions we came up with was to stand out on the bike to help you get noticed by motorists. There are various solutions that assist you in this area, we’ve drawn up a shortlist to start you off.

Wear fluorescent clothing – Bright clothing is good for daytime riding, no matter how good or poor the weather is. Wear Hi-vis vests for instance and they’ll get you noticed in traffic, some have slogans on the back like ‘Pass Wide’ or ‘Give Me Room’ for added effect.

Wear reflective clothing – Flourescent clothing is great for good daylight but what happens when the light levels drop during the day, the skies become gloomy or you ride home from work in the dark? This is where reflective clothing comes in useful, wear a waterproof, flourescent jacket that has reflective strips on the front, back and sides. Some fluorescent jackets come with ‘stick on’ LEDs that Velcro to the back of the garment.

Fit lights to the bike – Front and rear lights are essential for road use too, especially if you ride your electric bike at night. Keep the lights clean and in good working order at all times, help other motorists spot you when it’s dark outside.

Buy a helmet light – It’s a case of the more lights the merrier when it comes to cycle safety, so use a helmet light at the same time as bike lights. Buy an all-in-one unit that attaches to the top of your helmet and has a red light at the rear and white light at the front. Helmet lights normally have different modes so the lights can be fixed or flashing.

Fit a bell to the bike – Finally, let people know you are coming on your bike. If you see a pedestrian in a daydream about to step off a kerb give them a quick blast with the bell on your bike. Bells are easy to fit and they’re nice and audible so they should stop people wandering into your path.