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Front Wheel Assembly

No.Part No.Part NamePrice
1E330016-0010Complete front wheel assembly£39.85
2E331052-0510Front hub assembly£12.35
4E333006-0010Inner tube protective tape£12.36
6E335002-0010Inner tube£5.45
Nipple & spoke£10.94
PLEASE NOTE: all bike part prices are excluding VAT


Frame Assembly

No.Part No.Part NamePrice
1E310045-0410Alloy frame£158.40
2E532002-0510Controller cover plate£2.40
3E212012-0510Seat grip£2.15
4E322009-0510Handlebar head parts£15.65
5E321028-0510Front fork£246.35
6E353006-0510Seat post quick release£9.36
8E120030-0001Speed controller£81.60
9E110029-081036 Volt battery£219.00
10E172009-0010Male battery socket£8.41
11E172010-0010Battery socket plate£4.86
12E172015-0510Battery guide rail£8.88
13E433010-0510Front break block£26.85
14E433011-0510Rear break block£26.85
15E270003-0001Rear derailleur assembly£57.21
16E153012-0010Front LED head light£15.85
17E153015-0002Rear LED light£16.25
181001607020010Rear light bracket£2.11
19E441006-0010Speed control sensor£14.71
21E352011-0710Seat post£19.35
22E110029-0810Battery charger£33.45
PLEASE NOTE: all bike part prices are excluding VAT

Rear Wheel Assembly

No.Part No.Part NamePrice
1E340022-0010Complete rear wheel assembly including motor£244.80
2E230002-0045Multiple freewheel - 7 gears£15.95
3E341041-0410Rear motor unit£199.20
5E333006-0010Inner tube protective tape£12.36
7E335002-0010Inner tube£5.45
Nipple and spoke£10.94
91003700040043Reflector, curcular£2.34
PLEASE NOTE: all bike part prices are excluding VAT

Ball Bearing Shaft Parts

No.Part No.Part NamePrice
1E141009-0010Pedal sensor£5.98
2E212010-0710Ball bearing assembly£10.98
4E280011-0810Chainwheel crank£15.63
6E212013-0710Sensor nipple£2.94
PLEASE NOTE: all bike part prices are excluding VAT

Handlebar Parts

No.Part No.Part NamePrice
1E130027-0010On/off speed control panel£21.72
2E251317-0010Derailleur gear change assembly£19.47
3E251326-0010Derailleur cable£4.97
5E412015-0810Adjustable stem£23.40
6E421017-0010Right grip£5.96
7E421016-0010Left grip£5.96
8E434020-0010Break lever£23.55
9E434032-0010Rear break cable£4.97
10E434085-0010Front break cable£3.94
11E441003-0010Cable protection coil£2.96
PLEASE NOTE: all bike part prices are excluding VAT

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PLEASE NOTE: all bike parts listed are excluding VAT